We carry mattresses from a variety of vendors all at low discount prices.  We carry almost every size mattress from Crib Size all the way up to King Size.  We also carry specialty mattresses such as trundle mattresses, bunkie boards, Maxtrix Mattresses etc…

In order to protect your mattress from those nighttime accidents or spills, we carry mattress protectors as well as pillow protectors.

One of our top brands in Gold Bond.  Gold Bond has been manufacturing mattresses here in the USA since 1890’s.  They are a regional manufacturer that still makes mattresses with quality and attention to detail.

One of our most popular mattresses from Gold Bond is the Cornell.  It is anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant, and hypo-allergenic.  It features a 390-coil, 13 Gauge “Body Balance” Innerspring for full body support, with a 2″ layer of foam for added comfort and support.  The Cornell is a wonderful mattress for kids, especially for bunks or lofts.  Its thickness, combined with its structure, allows ample guardrail space, without compromising quality or comfort. Also available is the Cornell Organic Mattress, which features the same great interior, with an organic cotton cover.

Call us for our everyday low price on this great mattress.

For more information, check out: www.goldbondmattress.com

We also carry a division of Serta called Five Star.  They are produced for more local retailers vs the big box stores.  The Five Star mattresses we carry are 8″ or less in thickness, which makes them great for the bunks and lofts, as well as the traditional beds.


We also sell Maxtrix mattresses which are great for use on bunk beds and loft beds.  Maxtrix mattresses feature natural materials such as bio-foam and organic cotton coverings and also a unique feature which is their 5″ height.  A 5″ height allows these mattresses to be used in a variety of bunk  beds and loft beds and offer maximum guard rail height.

There are four different types of mattresses by Maxtrix:

You can see below the organic cotton cover that Maxtrix uses on their mattresses.

maxtrix mattress organic cotton cover