Lots of choices!  We have one of the largest selection of Adolescent, Tween and Teen furniture.

If your child is outgrowing the crib and is ready to move onto the next stage, we have a huge selection of twin and full beds on display.

We have Bunk Beds, Loft Beds, Castle BedsSleigh Beds, Iron Beds, and much more.

We feature famous brands such as:

and many more brands…
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Twin Beds:

Twin beds are still the most popular beds for children outgrowing a crib.  There are many possibilities such as a panel bed, canopy bed, day bed, etc…  If space is an issue and the children are over 6 years old, you may also want to consider loft beds.  Loft beds allow you to place items such as desks or dressers underneath so that they will not take up additional space in the room.

Full Beds:

If you have a little more space a full size bed has been a very popular option these days.  A full size bed is NOT longer than a twin but it is 15″ wider than a standard twin size.  Full size beds are also available as loft beds so if you don’t have too much space in the room you can purchase a full size loft bed also.


Daybeds are usually more popular in girl’s rooms or in spare rooms.  It’s not to say that all daybeds are only for girls but most daybed manufacturers tend to make the designs more for girls.  Daybeds are great since they can also double as a sort of sofa or sitting area.


Where to put all those clothes? Dressers of course.  There are many choices of dressers available.  First, you should consider a night stand, or night table as they are sometimes called.  It is a great place for a lamp, a phone or for that occasional glass of water or milk.  If your room is on the small side, a 5-drawer dresser is ideal.  It is taller but holds a lot more things.  If you have some space, a 6-drawer double dresser is ideal since you can put a mirror or a TV on top of the dresser.  An armoire is very nice since it usually makes for a great centerpiece in the room.


Another important aspect of making the room special is the accessories.  Bedding, lamps and even the paint color of the room can make a big difference.  We carry a selection of Twin size quilt and sham sets.  As well as various accent lamps and coat hangers in fun themes for boys and girls.


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